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It's me asking the questions. Not you volunteering. Any sort of animus. They weren't going to be any harder on me than i was going to be myself. I certainly wanted to live up to the the money. I was getting so that wasn't of the problem up. Some of it was probably self-induced by me. I'd have to really go back and look at all the situations but again it's just one of those things where it's trial and error. It takes a little something to learn new york the new york media. I can handle it pretty well. When i got one to two years with the max i started to figure it out Make sure you give them time regardless of what they're going to say. I learned that in my mind it was in regardless of what they say. You're gonna be a lot harder on you yourself than they will be. And i learned that probably after my second year 'cause i spent four years there believe before i was traded and then i went through obviously to strike here ninety four. That was another interesting thing. with the media but i learned to handle and helped me with the marlins and i always gave them time. Bobby i didn't understand though. I didn't understand the you had this reputation that you came to the marlins with and i never saw that person. Yeah i don't that ness why mentioned i don't believe that one person in the media in new york and say that. I didn't give him time. I started by saying that's the one thing they can't say. Oh well bobby less after this. So bobby left after that. He didn't give us. You know a half an hour so that we know what happened that particular situation. I waited by my locker. You know because sometimes. I was asked questions even when i wasn't particularly maybe the star of that game but i knew if i left it can cause problems and that's just comes with experience and then once everybody the bdo started filtering out. Then i can shower leave and do everything. What do you regard as your single happiest year in professional baseball where you the things came together. The friendships everything. I know it's hard to pick but you you just have to pick one. Oh no it wasn't haga pick. I say out of the seventeen years that i play. They will all wonderful except for one year with the new york. Mets and it was the bobby valentine ears for myself. I for some wings. And we just didn't see i in a lot of things. I don't know why to be quite honest with you but the sixteen other were phenomenal. And i got another kick out of to meet clinton in the white house that was another. I couldn't believe. I was handed him a jersey. So that was that if anything that stands out with me. That would be the one thing that i met president. Clinton as a champion as a champion. Yeah that blew me away. I'm like keep kidding. I'm from the south bronx. And you know i'm here. Hand in is Two-term president a jersey. I didn't like right next to him. Though i told him that. The ritual act acting that he implemented that one any fun but other than that going to the white house. And what's so funny..

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