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Before you die moment of the day. You guys have a lovely monday and by the way just a turnoff doesn't yell at me again. They're on pixel eleven locally. We know that can. It's very easy to stream. By the way i did on the i did. Watch the game on prime. I stream naked so easy on their bank right there shows right so it is easy. We're just having fun all right. Everybody by them selects yeah. That's last time you're going to do what you just did. Was that have to explain yourself. Well you don't have to ninety each the morning show with boomer acid- gregg giannotti boomer and geo at south. What the towers last week. sunday night. That his grace is you know. That's i can't wait to get back there really great place and then this week Until it's called the americana right in the heart of islip where used to get into fights. All the time. When i was in high school is called there. He's the going into slap people around just for the hell of it is the teaser milan. Yeah but i had a cauliflower pizza last night. You never had one of those. I've never had a thin crusted cauliflower based pizza. Yeah it's good. It was unbelievable. Now it's never going to replace the real thing but if you're trying to be a little healthier. It's not a bad option. It was it was. I gotta tell you it was about as good as it gets. Yeah i know. I agree people out there that are probably like losing their minds about. It's never gonna be as good as as real pizza. No but this was. This was a thin crusted collie flour based pizza and it was really. I mean it's just really good. Had a unique taste to it. Didn't have the normal taste to it. I'm not trying to tell anybody. I'm just telling you i've never had it before. Sure sixty well. It's just burst onto the scene in the last five or six years. I mean just goes to show you that you could try new things later in life. Yeah no i know so when i would retry to me with the either all out with eat healthy thing. Yeah so if that would be a treat. When i was being super strict is throwing that collie flower pizza into the oven. And you have a couple of slices of that was like you felt like you were doing something your hair flipped up like tony orlando from tony orlando and dawn today. I'm all fluffed up. i want it. I need to get a haircut. Need to get it on the sides done. Because i just been so busy. I haven't had time to go. I kinda looks good. It looks like put a cowboy hat on your kenny. Chesney or somebody yeah. Well i'm gonna go with the side shorter luke bryan. Should i leave the top long you think and then let get sure sleep. You get so much hair right now on your head. I know from your chin to the back year neck. It's like your big old hairy a bear. yeah no sure heap it. Just let it go. I need to decide that you're and that's the thing you got very fluffy you know i put i put like product the my yeah i do i do you put product. Here doesn't look like it now. I do. I put a little bit of you. Tend to play with the whole the whole show too. Yeah i just. I don't know maybe it's a nervous tic or something it's also still even. I had this for like a year now without the hair being long. It's still new to me. You know and it's just one it's there it's there becomes a party. Let's go to joe in hawaii aloha. Joe what's happening brother. Hey man happy birthday thank you man. What's happened lifetime yankee fan. I i heard you about van. Got the i got that they need to have some but kicking here like billy. Martin style Sibito got gotta handle twins got a handle badge that yeah. You can't be putting up with the nonsense. They're very sloppy. Sloppy fantastic sloppy. Hicks is sloppy Like gone sell them up. A high hockey's a whole different a whole different way of doing things. The hockey culture will never change. It's it's always gonna be the same and they're actually making less money now than they were ten years ago but sibito simple does gotta handle with the knicks. Woke up the next. You got guys playing playing hard. There's also let's face it. He also has a guy in in julius that has everything to play for in the world. And he's a superstar on the team and he's the guy that's leading the ship so he's he's house superstars listening. Yeah that's true. I mean it just shows you how much. Coaching an impact on this team. Now people say the nba coach doesn't really matter. Does it does with certain groups it certainly does. And with this knicks team it delayed tenfold from where they were going to be interesting to see as steve. Nash handles a healthy team in the playoffs. As god knows he's been through just absolutely a ringer as the head coach right now he doesn't. I mean if those guys are all healthy not to have to do much. But that's the point. But i don't know he's been through like injury after injury. He's been through defections personal problems. It's just been unbelievable. He probably just can't wait until the playoffs. Come because then everybody will get refocused. Everybody healthy and then they'll show up. They'll be a super team. I mean it's almost like they're messing with the horns about the comeback. And then there's kevin durant last night olympic. It's like it's impossible for them. Kevin durant about the comeback and there goes harden out with a hamstring. It's insane that that's why. I know it turns a lot of people off the amount of money that is being made compared to the amount of games that are being played and the way that some of these things have gone down. It's not been. It's not been pretty. But i keep saying. It's all going to be about the playoffs for them. I mean those guys have been through the wars of the nba for years and years and years and they know they know it's going to be about those four series that when they get to the playoffs that they have to win each the morning show with boomer esiason in gregg giannotti boomer in g. o. Are you ready to meet the moment ozzy and our friends at chevrolet proud to present real talk real change to help foster racial equality in america. And we're inviting you to help. Join the carlos watson as i talked with key leaders from across the country about racial disparities in america's healthcare system. Look for the carlos watson show and real talk real change on youtube and subscribe or download carlos watson show. Were ever get your podcasts..

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