Baseball, Kevin Clarke, College Baseball discussed on The Ringer MLB Show - Stanton, Hoskins, and 'Game of Thrones' (Ep. 104)


About college baseball these days since 2004 settlements in three sixty five no so today we are doing it gave of thrones crossover episode sort of we're talking to two players who are notable game of thrones fans in baseball first chris stewart backup catcher for the pirates who is a big bookworm the biggest bookworm i think you will find in baseball and has read the books has see in the show we'll get to a few spoilers in this endeavour you not many if you haven't seen the finale yet you might wanna wait but it it's just about ten minutes into that would just briefly we talk about that but mostly it's about stewart in his book reading history and his thoughts on the series in general and then also baseball because we still talk about that too and then you also talked to sean kelly of the nationals last week about game of thrones libya less rigorous game of thrones fend than christoher it is but still enthusiastic and our colleague kevin clarke has gotten a lot of mileage out of talking to aaron rodgers of that came a earn so chris stewart and shouted kelley their bore our speed i think they're the the wringer mlb show type of of interview through the piano noone stones asking about their game of thrones thought so here we are exploiting and inefficiency we we got aval relief pitcher on mrs hazan yours ran if we didn't have a relief pitcher on to talk about issues of dna catchers in relief pitchers all day so we did want to talk just briefly of a couple of people who have been hitting home runs on a daily basis in baseball and.

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