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Minneapolis, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump discussed on Ben Shapiro


Con wireless earbuds already coming up we're gonna talk about the narrative surrounding racism in America bad incident really that incident in Minneapolis but is indicative of racism or a broader American races will talk about it what is the evidence shows ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. and SS Sean Hannity's had enough Democrats they're willing allies the media mob they will give your president credit for absolutely nothing there's no credit for Donald Trump not the travel ban not for the millions of supplies at the present was sending all over the country and he wants you to know about it thank you this president credit for absolutely positively nothing get the truth afternoon insane because they live ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. and SS Sean Hannity I never would have dreamed this I feel like the luckiest guy on earth loves his job I love what I'm doing I love being here because of you I thank you for your loyalty.

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