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The biggest infidels the american yeah and and it goes to your religion they'll find a way to hate you know doco you know what i mean crazy but both the george w bush and obama have uh have refuge there unsealed documents when they were in office but now now obama they argue they argue national security as the tears but the uh uh relates to base the saudi government play this the fact that bush uh sealed it first uh that being that close to nine eleven i'm mike allen depending on what it too because if it does come out and imply that they had something to do with the planning or funding of nine eleven we'll then here we should have bomb them we should a bomb them to think that look you save little soon where he doesn't really have all the information so so i seal some as he says documents if he's already rejected these randomly knows what phantom but now is their plan is cat and mouse game maybe a two months i'll say that release him just before i get out a stinks it's does near this release the damn papers warrior he has to and i don't understand is the cat and mouse game he had to no he doesn't have to do anything this dictator we know that that's true that's true the added i had very completely thank you net cool buddy yeah area that dan i add that trump donald trump has a with says though listed a few people who could possibly be his vice president who says scott brown that's why he's now now he's not one of them now he didn't list we need buddy last night the town hall they asked him there's a who is the guy i'm not really got limited i i believe middle nick knight you on devils that's what trump said i know but little sting you believe trump over nick that's true sabbath nail about guys but i thought the fia names around saying light to away lights limo walmart or rubio is one of them them what do you want marco rubio that's taken out of context because he said rubio's a good guy and but the he was found during the correct mental index ma'am sorry sorry while he brunette be probably wants the rubio's delegates and if he puts uh uh is that on the today.

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