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So I I was seemed to be hitting their stride. I was hoping at home. We can we you know, we would be able to to win this one. Boy, the defense was just all I mean, that's that's the big takes bad. Was that was the worst defense? I've seen Stafford was good enough. Not to throw the, you know, throw that in opportune pick that we've been living on this really saved us in our wins. Is yet we didn't get any time in our in our wins that we've had like we had like our end zone picking like every one of those games than we are just three of them. No, nothing all of them. Not the titans game. Okay. But they were all like we did get picks in the titans game. Just right. Yeah. No. But I mean like like gate those are games. Those are momentum swinging huge saving you three points at least if not seven like they're huge swings. And we weren't that wasn't going to happen against staff. That was an, you know, honestly, like if you look at the recipe of what the lines did. It's been traditionally how teams just dashing destroy the dolphins. Just throw the ball tight end and run right down their throats. And maybe Patricia knows that from his years of the patriots. I don't think that guy knows anything he might not. But I mean that is that's traditionally how you beat them in like our how we've gotten beaten over the years, and I we just hadn't seen it exposed as poorly. The I mean, mean, I I guess guess in in the. the pie didn't see him pulling that off in Foxborough lash in Miami last year. No, I know. Well, he wasn't calling the game. I mean last year when he was the defense running the defense. Yeah. The yeah. Oh, you're saying the offense. Anyway. All right. So let's let's move. Let's take a look at a you know what what's today Tuesday. So in two days two days Judah Sammy dolphin Brock Osweiler returns to Texas to Houston where he stole a whole bunch of money. He sure did. Oh my God for him. Yeah. No. I don't absolutely definitely don't fault them for that. And honestly, he he led them to the playoffs that we didn't lead them, but he was their quarterback. And they went to the playoffs and they wanna play off game. He was he was benched for Tom savage. No. I don't think. So. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that happened. Well, he was the quarterback in the playoff game that they want. He was the quarterback affecting. Regardless. He did not have a great, No, no. no, literally gave away a second round pick to get him off their team. Yeah. To get rid of the contract, which. Hey, he's looked. Okay. He's fine. He's fine. He he's good in this, offense, whatever. So the Texans defense has been absolutely insane. The last couple of weeks. I don't know if you've been following this not closely. But I mean, I've I've watched some scores. They haven't played any like really good offenses. Not saying ours is a really good offense. That's not what I was waiting. But I'm just saying they haven't, you know, TJ TJ, which is the brother, which is this one this. I'm old you've been feeding me these seltzer. We've fat one. We haven't even days JJ what he does have a brother. So he looks like he's back to form county. And what's his Mercer Leah's that other guy? He's really good. Yeah. I don't know much about their secondary. But they seem to be able to get after quarterbacks and do they have more than two Cornerbacks. They do have more than two quarter, and they can cover are wide receiver. Well, we have three and possibly you counting. Parker. I am counting park. Well, no. I was actually Ford actually looked good in the preseason. No, yet Karoo might be good. Who knows I liked? I thought he was good. He was just buried behind guys like him. Like, he he's Karoo is to grant as grant is to Wilson. All right. Perfect. Wilson's a better grant grants a better career. And remember when he had restored Matthews. I guess Rashad Matthews is kind of like kind of like that guy win the new New York jet. He did get signed by the jets..

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