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Young children by his side she had seen other people rape particularly women obviously as she was fleeing and her two year old son was killed by the that bullet wound by bullet that went through her her arm and she has to see that every single second of every single day so the loss the injury but also the true the ptsd must be eternal for many of these people is absolutely ongoing and the scars that we see physically i really just a pale shadow compared to what people are dealing with on the psychological trauma we saw it in children we saw it among the women and men it is absolutely omnipresent in this community and so the concept of sending people back or contemplating a future where there's no justice or accountability all of that could cause a just an ongoing level of retraumatize ation you'll report says that of the twenty five victims that you found a good ten of them what children and we have a quote where the report says the impact of these events upon children is particularly concerning a helicopter flew over during an interview with the survivor in a refugee camp and several children in the vicinity became visibly agitated and afraid they pointed to the sky yelling me and my is coming towards us i was conducted in counter when that happened and i was absolutely stunned i was talking to a woman and all the sudden children's started to cry in the huts all around me it was really i'd ask the translator what was happening in the fact that months after these attacks these children still are prone to reliving re experiencing this kind of terror is really speaks to the ongoing horror of what they've experienced so let's get to the government response a year or more ago they did conduct an investigation which ended up exonerating themselves then they conducted another investigation into their own and this was based on reporting by roy journalists and of course shortly thereafter the reuters journalist was sent to jail and are still in jail despite a huge international effort to get them out have you spoken to them in achieves have you spoken to song suci do they have any sense that this is getting too big too hot they need to rethink my sense from our backchannel communications with people who are in touch with we're not directly in touch with the officials you referenced is that there's a hope that somehow repatriation can be managed without answering this question of accountability and transparency and so that's why every time we talk about this with you there must be an independent investigation with full transparency by independent experts you know the un factfinding mission is collecting data right now which is critical importance ultimately we've been calling for a referral to the international criminal court for an investigation and so those mechanisms have to stay on the tape able as we're discussing all of the other very real humanitarian issue is because that accountability we know from our work in rwanda in yugoslavia in iraq and other places is alternately what perpetrators of the types of crimes fear most we've we've shown some of these horrible images of the skies we've talked about the children and you also have is you have spoken to women who've suffered repeated sexual assault here's an exit detailing the events of the day in question by twenty year old you interviewed here we go fatima alarm said that she was taken from her home to the school in the military campaign where dozens of women were held and many were rape after they took a gold jury they blindfolded her and tied up her legs they also tied her hands behind her back and she was forced.

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