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Now let's qualify somebody well why we're doing that we have another pair tickets to give away to tomorrow's game i've got the winner what you got and i've got frederic treadmill is already out here rick treadwell frederic treadwell okay get that name in cairo we have a phone number and a good job one more to give away before we say chinese nationals are being awesome series i'm super exciting part murdiono you touched on it with paul white back down know going to the northern california honda dealer call the game but a debate that i got into my good friend and colleague brian murphy this past week coming off the cup series with the nats coming around i said have are biased brice harper who the most electric player in baseball murphy said by as i said harper they're both outstanding super entertaining to watch back and get your answer before today shows over rice harper at the answer i was like at heart they're both great aragon and exciting i'ma harper guy i don't know if it's system oh i don't know what it is is a is a defensive with tags and all this stuff is tremendous any credibility gap with this guy hits of five hundred feet runs into wall steel bit steals bases lifts the whole lineup and i will you don't wanna miss one of his it back i love it so it's price proper all the way if i was drafting a literally team i would drift brice harper i tell merck that i will not coming we are six of these sports talking baseball with marty lorry on npr succeeding the sports leader it's the bottom of the first bases are loaded and you're stuck in a lunch meeting original joe's to the rescue we'll bring the best of our menu to your office so you can secretly keep.

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