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As lucifer uttered these words shadow fell across his face. The fast shadow what is happening cried into the expanding absence cut your coal can the voice of god which was faint and seem to be coming from above the first direction do realize now that he must be outside the likes of the universe now angel done that before and lucifer felt proud to be different. You will come back to the light of the universe. Came the voice of god so fake now lose. Could hardly it but i you will forget. That separation is an illusion and in your forgetfulness. You will teach others to adore you in a world of geology. Go well i one you are love. And then as pure light refracted through a prism into the infinite colors of a rainbow so lucifer passed through the prism of god's eye and out across the cosmos in all possible directions and into all possible dimensions and explosion that shards like shooting stars out into the father stretches of space and time. This event was later known as the big bang. Oh oh man. Wow how i write that actually. And also it's a child or extension which is called the story of adam and eve which is a at the same length and starts with these two bolts of lisa. Ferron lightning thinks strikingly earth and then waking up as the first man and the first woman on the planet okay lose. Buffet is the child of god. Lucifer is ego wanting to do things on its own to see how what it can do because it wants to explore and be on god in in its juvenile not in. Its young nece. I i'm not gonna say innocence because Going with the egos about the loss of innocence. Right that's the whole biting of the apple thing but it is this juvenile kind of talk. La esque attitude to being human. That's what the ego is. We are currently human species in adolescence. Now when other tug lawyer anymore we've grown up to the point where we've been given foss 'cause and bums and the big technology and not a clue how to be an adult with it because we're still cepa decide on the most important in the room. Yeah and that's that's all this is so basically as far as i'm concerned lucifer is just the expression of angelic energy. Got born by sf racked refracting splitting off from the the the the true source and then setting itself up as the god of itself on the earth and the whole journey of life is to find our way. That's what this wonderful journey is all about. Lucifer which is all of us. And by the way old plummets everything that is separate is lucifer exploring itself. Loose the aspect. In my opinion lissouba is the aspect of god that can that the gives birth a three dimensional existence and everything in three dimensions from planetary systems and cosmos's and and milky ways and galaxies on the external and then atoms and molecules and cells and their processes on the tunnel. But it's all fairy and energy exploring. Okay what can i do without daddy. It's it's it's just childish. Yes because the truth is that two men can carry a piano together. Being sexist to people can carry a piano together but one person called carry hall for canada and we are running around trying to carry half kano's so that we can say look. I'm doing it on my own now. Hands hands like a child writings about a bike. Because we're not grown up enough yet to understand what sorry to in a stand. I'm changing my my languaging around understanding in the stand that understand anything anymore. I'm trying to understand everything to in a that by sinking down into the heart and say actually daddy and mummy. Because it's all about mother earth and father sky go. There's not a man got his everything but it's about saying to. Your parents spiritually not just the parents view the parents of every human ever including adam and eve as energetic forces. I'm ready to hold your hand again. Because i understand the way to independence is to come home. I've been on a long journey trying to do it. On my an an old i really do is say seeds of doubt and fuck things out and worry about death and get scared and other people up and you know we tried twenty six thousand years or longer millions of years maybe Twenty six thousand years was the date of the Lonzo will and the reason we know about liri. Atlantis is because they burned down the libraries alexandria on purpose. Several boston is kid. You find anything about it. Besides plato talking about atlanta's yes. You're probably in like the mystery school texts that will come out to eat through things like the disclosure project but then of course. Some people will argue. That stuff's been written recently. And it doesn't really come from tablets and blah blah blah blah and again. It's down to interpretation and roof proof the truth. This is the thing that i was starting to say and forgot to finish sang before. Which is that because we can do that. Green mouth thing and make trump pretend to be talk about whatever we want or one appear to have said something the queen's speech loss. Chris missed. that wasn't her. It was like a robot or just like a graphic image. She didn't say things. A whole face was moving lately right now in a world where we have law and order based on proof which comes from fact and we can fake proof we now live in a world faxed account for shit and the legal system is falling apart because of that proof is all about measuring data which is all ego based truth is how a piece of data makes you feel and how it impacts your behaviors moving forward spiritual mental emotional behaviors physical behaviors so truth. Cobb proved because truth is about faith not necessarily faith in god faith in the universe that faith in something bigger than yourself. Faith that there is a plan. Maybe faith that you're going in the right direction and when you experience truth truth lands straight in the heart. Which is what i do. It's the way i talk about. A lot of people hopefully are listening to this now. Aren't they getting very excited. Or have been an off. Kelly right side through the podcast. Yes yes this is. An arguable treats because of the way it makes them feel when they hear it when it lands in arts and that sidesteps the whole business of law order fact and proof we are losing the ability to What's really going on through proof because proof can now be faked so easily from anywhere just by big people with lots of money but by people at home now we might as well let go of trying to seek the answers by gaining facts and looking proof it doesn't work anymore to broke model so it's now about discernment and letting the heart examine incoming data first and then the minds can have a second look and do it's helpful things and the hopkinson and say thank you for sharing and leave it at that and then the the ego will say well. Thank you for listening. Are you going to go differently. Because of what i said i'm hot will say no wrong but video. Appreciate your input and the ego will go. Oh good and back to sleep again. It's about not fighting anymore. Wow wow soon as we start fighting resistance disappears and then we're in flow. That's where everyone is trying to work out to be. And the deep state you studying as a million couples every ten seconds about freedom and children and tv and sex symbols and bollywood. I mean i thought it was very interesting when tiny out. She decided to get the whole of the musical aspect of hollywood to do a benefit concert to raise money for the world health organization when trump card for the money and the donna to the song that night called. The aluminum is coming. That's party full that benefit concert. Yes yeah think about that lady gaga and like it's like all the stuff it was deep symbolic resort. It was just like it was the same as they only ever the by kelly. It so i got. I really dangling that they just waving faces now. What derek unbelievable so so so yes so so for me when someone says oh you know. There's a difference to me massive difference between the lusa and evil and the sator these different site and i'm not interchangeable will lucifer is the aspect of god that needed to go and explore on its own which can be seen in stories like the prodigal son. Dad i wanna i mine heritage now gonna fuck up to big cities and have a way of the time because i want to be a man that the damn the husband. The father the farmer. Let's go and there's this the older brother on the farm so you got the data and the elder brother for ten years during the phone together in the brothers go to do the work to cause young about this fox off the younger brothers going to all these days of cocaine had prostitutes. Everyone wants to be around him when he's got money and eventually he runs out through gambling and drinking. What have you and then. He's looking older pigs. Eating bad slimy pigswill dinner and starving and read is is at that point. I think when he staring at the pigs envious that they have food and he doesn't that is probably time to go home and he goes home and the farm is so excited. Sounds.

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