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FM, Justice and drew. We'll culture now demanding Woody Guthrie be cancelled over this land is your land. But okay, how do we have to burn all copies? Well, this is coming from the Smithsonian publication Folklife, right? Okay. All right. Now they're going to be this day. Macaca is your today because we have to change it got three penned the song back in nineteen forty. Okay. So that makes more sense. I was thinking that the sixties wouldn't have found that rob, but this is nineteen forties. Make sense. It's the sixties is where it really, really took off took on a different life as a way of deliberately. So he, he, he penned it back in nineteen forty as a way of countering. The theistic less inclusive patriotic songs like God bless America. A lot of people don't realize that it's actually the protests on this land is your land. It is widely recognized now as a protest song, just not the right kind at least not anymore. It a grilling three thousand word article on Mike. Oh my gosh. People realize how many words like three thousand. Is a lot. Right. Like a thousand words it's about an hour and a half thousand characters is quite a bit. It's, it's a it's a lot native native rights activists. Molly OB sewin- calls the song and a bear segment for liberal culture, admits to being doing that thing with my fingers shaking up like a soda can every time she hears the lyrics to the degree that she believes the song itself could either never be played again. Come with a trigger warning about Guthrie's limited may twentieth. Century view of American culture. How about you just don't listen to it again? That would be way too easy. You just don't listen to that song skip it. When it comes to people give it a thumbs down. Yeah. Do people like Molly? Hey, listen to Woody Guthrie the same way we have people that hate. Listen, so hard to this show, people, some people just like to hate stuff. And that's what Molly seems like. So the problem is that Guthrie simply wasn't woken up about this land, gut three somehow missed that the land. He was singing about the United States was, in fact, land stolen from native Americans. So it really wasn't his land at home, but it was because they're the there were some battles and wars, and treaties and things like that, that were now, this is America. And if you are born here, this is your land, you live here. It's okay to say that, that is that what they do. They want everybody to go. But you can only live where. Your ancestry comes from does everybody have to follow those rules. Now we have to do is ever to migrate back. I thought that was bad. Yeah, it is. Okay. All right. Just make sure I'm not advocating for this. Get me wrong. Thanks for helping to woke me up. But, but, but that appears to be the argument at the core of this. What would he Guthrie can't say this land number? It's because he's not his land. So what does he supposed to do? This land is other people's land. I just happen to live here, though is really nice of them to hear this land was your land. But now it's by I took it from you. It's no longer. Go land. It's almost he's acting like this. Molly is acting like what you just saying. John is what he actually saying is what she heard, and it's kind of like when people listen to our show, and we say, one thing, especially, John, you say one thing, and then all of a sudden people tweet at you and say something completely different from what you actually said people only hear what they want to hear the only here, there really were their reality, and it's frustrating this net lands now my land, because it used to be your land. But I've I took it from you. So now it's my land, and all of a sudden there's people out there that are like, oh my God. John mccollum. Calling right, colonists. He's happy over the fact that I never liked the song anyway. So now. In the context of America nation states built by settler colonialism, Molly rights Woody Guthrie's protest, anthem exemplifies, this particular blindspot, that Americans have in regard to native American patriotism, racist us, even if it comes in the form of a, let's protests. No, thank you for your irrelevant opinion. We just read aimed at lake. Yeah. We all know why we can do it because it's our land. That's right. Yeah. That's exactly right..

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