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I don't WanNa get too technical and crashes, but let me say that haven't yet heard. Museum or art leaner say that mission of their institutions going to change. What we're all talking about is within the mission in our case bring. Together to create meaningful experiences with art that in that eliminate our society. Within that mission. we will come up with different strategies and those different strategies will be dependent on our ability to find the resources, they create the structure to deliver our promise. So having out to your question. The things I think you're going to see is in an environment in which international travelers curtailed in which insurance rates are going all over the place. In which the whole ability to move things and to collaborate is taking on a different Ceiling you're GONNA see fewer large international exhibitions and greater reliance on our collection. In order to tell the stories of art now. What I think is also happening and. Slow to come a good development is that we're questioning our histories and most institutions are whether it's racial recommending whether it's gender equity whether it's issues around social justice there are issues that. That by the way are Geek in our collections that are coming to the surface. So what does that mean I think you're gonNA start seeing us with more and leaders in our community whether it's academics, artists, other cultural workers to bring their voices into the institution because need to rely on those close to us to create experiences. That I think is a good thing that I think a very good thing. We want to talk about those artists, Matthew Teitelbaum Director of the MFA in a second but since you brought up racial reckoning. I was GonNa say it's going on in the world outside the museum but of course, whether it's going on as a debatable question, there's an attempt at had going on outside the museum. You're in a unique situation where it's going on inside the museum I think most listeners remember in mid two, thousand, nineteen when the kids from I think it was called the Henry White Helen y Davis Leadership Academy. There were allegations of racism row, racial profiling a year. Later you reaching agreement with the Attorney General, there's now a director of belonging and inclusion. You have an African American President I think for the first time of the board but apparently, that's not all that will come out of this incident from. A year plus ago. What else is on the agenda as part of this arrangement with the Attorney General Matthew Well, you know the attorney, General and they. Came through historic agreement that allowed us to. Deepen our commitment to things. We already doing it didn't imply that we would put resources behind it. Happy to do so. Do, so and it has to do a whole range of things whether it staff diversity whether it's board representation whether it's protocols on the way in which we engage school groups ironic that without having..

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