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Unique to Saint Louis and your partnership with Rollins Brian. Absolutely. This new exhibit was really a fun one to put together you think about the history of baseball going back well over one hundred years and the players began playing this game not wearing gloves bats come on. That's it. Can you know, those early bats in the eighteen hundreds even the early nineteen hundreds compared the day look like tree trunks and how they've evolved today but player still use wood, bats. It's they still use leather gloves. And to see the difference in really the evolution of of equipment started. Because the game hurt it was painful and the players didn't wear gloves because of the protection of the performance element. It was more of the protection element, and it later evolved into a performance element. And so it's fascinating to track that evolution. And you can see it right in front of you as artists play of gloves shows or the bass or catcher's gear we look at our gold glove catcher. Now, yada, your Molina. Can you imagine him playing in some of the gear that Bobby Farrell war the nineteen twenties, and you can see them next to one another? Cleats. Batting helmets is so fascinating. And we've got such a great partner in Rawlings a Saint Louis company that has been making this equipment almost as long as baseball has been played. So what a great connection we have with them and a great partner in Rawlings come out and see everyone from the hall of fame and museum at cardinals care winter warm up and you can also again ticket tour Busch stadium. You could check out cardinals dot com slash museum. Brian finch? Thanks, man. Great to see you always my pleasure to be here. Let's go cardinals. That is Brian Finch can't recommend enough that you take advantage of of what the hall of fame and museum have to offer. And again it shout out to my mom for knowing about that Rollins exhibit caught Scott Cooper, John Mozilla signing right now. Alex Rae assigning as well really excited to Abby with Alex on the caravan this weekend. Also, I was with them last year. And for a guy who I know cardinal fans are so excited about can't even imagine how excited Alex's from his. Workouts to rehab to everything that he's put into the second comeback had the shoulder procedure after he put together last year. While he was rehabbing in the minors and almost unprecedented stretch of dominance. So you know, that was a bit of a bummer to have that game in Milwaukee that everyone had circled and then have it ends so abruptly after he left that game pretty early on and saw his velocity dip. So I think everyone is thrilled about that. And just can't wait to see Alex back on the mound. Very very soon. We'll take a break and come back with more from cardinals care winter warm up at Hyatt Regency at the arch Chris Rabi with you back after this on your home of the cardinals came likes Lewis is talking about the future of Saint Louis on the Charlie Brennan show, the mayor Chesterfield's on the line ridiculous. The whole concept of local control the mayor Ferguson is on the line. Okay. What? One of the mayors and others telling you, they're fearful. Powered a waste an awful lot of money. Don't think that the residents of poplar bluff should decide the fate of the police department might do not the Charlie Brennan show..

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