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Risk of death among seriously ill hospitalized patients dexamethasone is what you're talking about exactly exactly methadone addicted drawn the other thing is that we are actually weak clinicians we doctors hospitals health care providers were actually getting better taking care of this disease for experience and both of those things are going to reduce the chance of people die of this disease I am not for a second saying don't worry about it blowing off because as you know we got this covered it's not quite that but those are those are incremental pieces of progress which actually were baked into this idea of flattening the curve give us time on all these fronts give us time to do the right research give us time to get organized a health care facility give us time to get P. P. let us give you know not overload are icy use so that we can manage this as it comes in and so that's it's a weird form of optimism but it's really a religious isn't in as bad as it was before even though we should be doing everything we can to keep our hospitals you know free of patients are infected right Dr Peter Bach directs the center for health policy and outcomes memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center you are listening to open line with Tammy Heidi more younger people are getting sick with cover nineteen in California within the last month coronavirus cases in people thirty four or younger jumped dramatically

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