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Everybody wants to to your podcast. Keep supporting us and supporting the wind that blows the sales. The Corolla Pirate ship onward. Appreciate it very much, also. She Got Dr. do dot com the strings. We're doing there. We're trying to date on all. That's going on. With the. Situation and as well get after. Today, it is my privilege to welcome back to the program Marie Bernard Maurice Is it your numerous race? Nothing general about it. As I nothing about it I love and lithium. Save me on and off. General hospitals are released just recently. You Follow Maurice. Act Maurice Benard the an the also. Maurice, Benard TV were of course. If you remember, he was Sonny Corinthos on ABC. General Hospital since nineteen ninety-three and He's been a friend of this and work for a long time. I welcome back Bernard. Let led to be. Gut Bernardi my head because I I spoke to Anthony Hopkins the other night. Just I just A. It's a long story, but whenever I hear his voice I just think about him sitting down going okay Benard okay, but. Not In your in my not come out of my mouth. While most people say Bernard. Yes, I know, and that's actually I think what the guy's name is Bernard Anthony Hopkins says it's been on. So what's going on about? the book I kind of. Like. One flew over the coup. CUCKOO's nest meets Cinderella. And that's kind of what the whole I mean, but there's a lot of mental health in the book. An incredible love story. With Paula for over thirty years. And kids in animals in the whole thing. Are you still were. Murphy bought the house, or you're selling it or you're gonNA live there. That house down behind were Adam Corolla used to live now told that about what ten years ago then now. Yeah and is everybody's still living under the same roof for the. Kids SORTA scattered. What's happening? I got one of my kids a pregnant. She lives with her husband. Not here and then the rest of the kids are. Trapped in here. Now everyone's drive with everybody. So low telling you about the work I mean so. You're diagnosed with bipolar one. Yes, I was diagnosed. When I was twenty one. nobody knew what it was, nobody could tell me what was wrong with me and they put me in a mental institution. For two and a half weeks. and that was that was hell. Man will let's kind of break it down because because we didn't have terms then like bipolar, one bipolar, too I think we've been calling it manic depression back that that's what it was it or many of unknown origin, those sorts of things. And what were the symptoms? What was happening to you? I would stay up all night. I wouldn't sleep I would cry for no reason. I would. I was reading Phil Donahue Mind. He was talking directly to you on. Let me tell. You right before he would ask a question. I knew what he was going to say and I got my mom as a witness. So things like that. It was just a lot of things that we're just weren't normal in I wasn't on drugs. And I wasn't drinking so. They can figure it out. And then one night. I got out of bed I slept with my mom and dad. Just because I was sick or whatever it was, that was twenty one. And I jumped out of bed night I. Told my dad that I was the devil. Because then you taste something. Don't ever don't ever have anybody. Watch the exorcist. That movie traumatized me my whole life. So Cops came that night. But they couldn't do anything. Because once. The cops came into the House I was normal. I was a hey. What's going on now? We're just talking. Everything's fine. W Extras last night overdoing. It my mom and dad were crying and stuff so the next morning they took me to the hospital. And that was the beginning of of Hell. What was delicious at the hospital? Well. At the. This is the first hospital. In, order for them to put me in there. That take these big nurse guys grammy? Mike Dad my brother in at that moment I was calling my brother and my dad. The exorcist and I was sitting on. Now is saying you know I'm the exorcist? And gave me a shot. which put me out? And when I woke up. I thought I had died in Gun, heaven. Quiet, in in white in the hospital, it reminded me of heaven until I heard

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