Trump campaign blames protesters and media for disappointing turnout


Breaking now president trump held his first campaign rally in three months in Tulsa yesterday to a smaller crowd of supporters and expected most breaking the CDC guidelines packed together without masks in the city with the recent spike of the deadly disease caused a lot of worry A. B. C.'s tie at hen Hernandez reports the president also took aim at the presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden and the supreme court's decision overturning trump's actions on daca something president still considered a victory basically said you want what you have to come back and re do it it's almost like she come on back your paper work was no good but we're gonna be refiling Saturday's rally wasn't as heavily attended as the trump campaign had promised for the past few weeks the trump campaign blamed lower turnout on radical protesters and the media okay then did get hit with a cease and desist order for using the song I won't back down by Tom Petty at the rally the family said in a statement last night saying that petty who died two and a half years ago I would never want a song of his use for campaign of hate before he died petty said cease and desist orders to president George bush and senator John McCain to stop that song from being used

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