Murder The Hit: 'No Coughin'


Covid nineteen is still very real. Jam Tony Brown so Jay. You've been in the house. Just creating songs you've been you've been creating. You've been in creative mode. Creative us. Yes, time doing the stuff along with some other stuff I'm doing that makes me feel as if I have company, but that's a whole do. Against Him and towns. Murder? Worded another song. They say on that show like the here. He go diego. Here. gave it up. Bobby. Post show the exit. I'm not kidding. The? Body I know everybody's gone. Bad to stay home. In no wing get! Robin. Through it yet speeds in. that. Need. Reason. We might. What's the reason? Why are you covering? De. On the dance style. No. No called in on the dance. Door! Father in data. On Das-. No. No carbon on the dance. In data. Thinking that no coffin baby. Of that? Could. Just. Don't stop once you start coughing. Different attitude toward a call. Oh! Yes sure you use the letter. Call Go. Yellow some someone on. Every mask is looking at you. Ask. Great Jobs J. Job!

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