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Coming up and out you're gonna want to stick around for Dinesh d'souza secretary Ben Carson Dr Carson senator Ted Cruz FCC commissioner Brendan Carr we got a lot of people to get to talk about this corona virus that has completely dominated every part of our lives you know it's interesting because many of us you know do our own thing we will agree on a ton some of us agree on some we don't like the same things we don't would like to see movies were like the same phone as early I mean generally speaking we we all eat and stuff and watch movies and things but but we all have our own likes and dislikes will realize we don't really get new ID each other's business that much but now everybody is facing the same exact thing it's kind of interesting to think about it's interesting in a bad way I wish that we weren't facing this with everybody facing the exact same thing everybody has very similar questions everybody has very similar concerns some people reacting differently than others but again you wake up in the morning you go to bed at night are you thinking about this coronavirus that started in Wuhan China this is never going to cope with nineteen which means corona virus disease twenty nineteen it's all encompassing it's all it's on the president is ubiquitous some would say it's everywhere it's all it we we got what we do today will be today are we gonna get is it in the air today can we walk outside we briefly look at what can we smell can we talk to our friends who face time can face time do grunt of ours it we everybody's just completely up in arms and I've mentioned this consistently for weeks now we're like this because we don't have enough information the president's doing a good job it giving us a daily press briefing that's necessary I'm glad he's doing that we need to hear from the crown of ours task force but when you hear that going to Laredo Texas is going to charge you a thousand dollars in a fine if you don't have a mask when you're walking around outside it makes you say why we're hearing that some municipalities are saying you know let's put it at an ankle bracelet monitor on people of corona virus to make sure they stay in the house really well why you don't need it makes you think why don't we have more complete information is it because China would help information for so long that it's hard to get any any facts what a lead scientist who is studying coronavirus when I first started is dead allegedly from corona virus who don't really know that China could just often we don't know so if you get information from him China is opening their wet markets again which makes no sense is where it started Jennifer tell me like it's gone here we don't have it anymore it's gone OBS well it's not we have no idea why it started what started it we think maybe from bats maybe because people eat bats in China the little batsuit alone on a Saturday right so we just don't have the information on there it's about them saving face it's about their honor and also the state run media in China has been pushing the the narrative that somehow we have the virus first we gave it to China oh shut up maybe the leftist media here literally giving talking point for the Chinese government and having the praise of how well China has handled this they have no idea what China is doing with excel got kicked out so you're stuck inside probably only essential jobs are are up and running our economy which was the best in history has screeched to a halt you got the left trying to make hay out of this at every turn at every turn they don't even want the news coverage is covered anymore the course will have free will if we don't watch the president and the news conferences we don't educate ourselves what's going on we could you shut it off but now the media wants to forcibly shut off you're not allowed to cover it by the way people who do what I do me specifically I should shut up too this is what the left is doing this country AOC yesterday put out a tweet that the corona virus is somehow racist yeah the viruses only attacking black and brown people it turns out which is of course Pat Leon true it doesn't care what color you are what race you are what background you are it infects wherever it can it is extremely contagious how contagious really a lot I will tell you more specifically but nobody's telling us so what do you do with the time kids doing home schooling mine are what I hope is going to be doing online schooling with the schools where they should be right now are you okay with the economy being completely shut down we doing don't we know I think there's way more unknown than known I mean very very smart people that are in my circle weighs more than I'll ever be are freaking out this.

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