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And getting paid and learning at the same time and you know most of the time when i did the the the rehearsals will was there and i've learned so much from will will such an amazing man he so dedicated to winning and not taking anything for granted and in the book share stories about how he taught me that very important lesson that don't take anything for granted to realize when there's something that is a blessing and to seize the moment it's hard lesson to learn you know absolutely a lot of people overlook they take it for granted speaking wills myth you guys were together an independence day do you remember when you book that role because that's that's how i i knew about you yeah i was on a soap opera and i i i my agent told me that i didn't have a big enough name to get the part because i called her and i said my goodness everyone is auditioning for independence day what is going on she says oh sweetie on you're on a soap opera you don't have enough cr edits to get that two weeks later she gave me a call and said oh my gosh guess who call today looking for you and thank god the producers bill fay was a producer his wife was at home pregnant and saw me on young and the restless and said wow have you guys found the character jasmine yet and she said no we're having a hard time guy so this really cute girl on young and the restless she should bring her in and so they looked me up six additions later i got the part of interesting so fascinating having this conversation with a friend of mine who's an actor the other day because you know what on the young and the restless no disrespect to soap opera actors at all and no disrespect to the the restless but if that wasn't what you wanted to do if you want to be movie star you could have phoned in that role a little bit you know what it means you could've phoned in that is not true honey there was a lot of running and hair tossing and standing next to the very handsome will smith that you couldn't have phone that what i mean is in young and the restless right you could've you could've phoned that in and in those small.

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