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Field. Three one. Fastball after knees called strike to what a pitch. We're looking at trying to walk. This thing off your Wilson contrast. I know he hasn't hit for a whole lot of power as of late. But it's still in there. Could make this place. Go crazy. Last year Cottrell was catching data's now. He's hitting against three two. And a check swing a ball just outside. Traders flips the battle way clapping his hands racing down to I. Go winning run his on. I would want out here on the bottom of the night. And here comes Kyle Schwarzer. Remember schwab? Or thought he was going to get a chance to hit back in the seven, but it was called back. Jason Heyward went out Schnorr gets his opportunity here that I. Quick visit to the mound vibe, Utara and. Making sure they are on the same page. As to how they're going to approach this dangerous hitter. Schwarzer hit thirty eight this year. Twenty six home runs. He walked seventy eight times at some back issues late in the season of missed about ten days in September. As a pinch hitter renews career. He is just three four thirty five. But he's got power traders the and the pitch give it her blocked by you terrible on. Jason Heyward on debt. The nine spot. This is the pitcher spot a one one tie. Davis has side. Schwab retakes inside of the bell. Call to. A patient hitter is not expect anything to hit here in a two old count. A walk dishwasher would put. The winning run in scoring position. Then you'd have a guy like Jason Hayward at the plate who is not easy to double up. Two balls. No strikes and the.

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