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Democrat Sheila jackson-lee very much. The nation loves its history. We in Texas love our history and today, I rise to encourage and to announce the legislation that reflects history. HR forty seven forty five to designate the emancipation national historic trail is a wonderful legislative initiative that reflects history in a state of Texas and throughout the nation. We're all reminded of the emancipation proclamation that was issued in eighteen sixty three. We know that they were areas other south that did not get the word that the slaves would be free for two years earlier this week. I celebrate the commemoration of the birthday of the audible Mickey Leland who died some years ago alongside of an Ethiopian mountain attempting to feed those struggling, but he believed in nationals. He believed in food insecurity to stop it. In honor of him reflecting on the history of our community. I ask my colleagues to sign onto HR forty seven forty five recounts the announcement by captain Grainger that the slaves or finally free in Texas and throughout the south west and creates a wonderful trail that all of us can enjoy that chronicles the story from Galveston to take Houston. This is legislation that says in America can accept all of our history. And I asked you to join HR forty seven forty five I yield back general eighty years back for what purpose does the gentleman from Wisconsin seek recognition. Here comes Paul Ryan. And extend my remarks. I just.

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