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Center across the street it's on nbc sports net it's on fox sports west by the way alex fausto announcer that younger they hired is really good i was watching the game the other night and he's excellent so working with jim fox so they've got that game tonight and then there's the nba playoffs that i have been glued to there's two other hockey games by the way but there's the emi playoffs which have been great tonight we boston in milwaukee and we've got portland in new orleans and there's another game i'm leaving out but there are three nba playoff games tonight but if you only you told me hey you can only watch one sporting event tonight i would shockingly choose the angels game at home against the red sox and i'm well aware brian that the date is april seventeenth this game means absolutely nothing to anyone except that it's the third start for shohei ohtani on the pitcher's mound otani almost to a perfect game in his last start this is a real lineup with real hitters like mookie betts who is a top of their division and i i wanna see if otani can keep it going if i made you choose and you could only watch one sporting event tonight are you with me or are you sticking with the mainstream i'm sticking with the mainstream but i had to think did you hear the part where i went that's that would not normally happen for an april baseball game they would never have my game that i got to watch by can pick anything as either the new orleans that one of the two nba games but if choice of the dodgers i'm skipping that i'll skip the kings game because it's three nothing i'll skip the rest of the hockey i'll do all that other stuff otani would be second and it's april seventeenth you got to be really interesting to be second on a list of sporting events in the middle of the nba playoffs in the middle of the stanley cup playoffs because i love hockey and all these other things i just think that it's going to be really fun to see if otani can keep this up for sure and keep it going and he's got the lowest whip walks in hits per innings pitched in all of the major leagues and he's been killing it with the.

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