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Mid Friday. We have a storm on the way, folks, and it's gonna produce some significant rainfall in the valley and some significant snowfall in our country. Okay, we look forward to that. Let's get a little news from your neighborhood now. Albert Purnell joins us Would he have? Yes, it's coming out of the Madeira Tribune so due to a shortage of vaccine supply All planned vaccination clinics that the Social Service building in Madera County County are canceled until further notice. They're not sure when they would get a new shipment. But when they do, they let people know. Okay, the vaccine roll out in California continues to be troubled Harriet Tubman might be on the $20 bill. That whole issue has resurfaced. Okay. Secretary for President Biden said that the Treasury Department taking steps now to resume the efforts to put the 19th century abolitionist leader on the $20 bill that be Harriet Tubman. And would replace Andrew Jackson. Hey, Well, you know, next month is black History month, So that'd be a good time to do it. You know next month would be appropriate to do it would be so anyway, that's don't be surprised if you see a change in your $20 bills in the not too distant future. Yeah. Alright, well coming up, We're gonna be talking about all what were the political folks go when they run for office and they don't make it. Um, they go. They become lobbyists. They want video. Yes, a lot of you. Sometimes they're writing books and as they go on a speaking tour, but sometimes they go to Hollywood. They do Tow act casting companies are snapping up. Politicians left right. Politicians got a little acting in the blood they do and they could make some money off of them, so we'll have more on what's second careers for some of them coming up. Listen up and on your way home for the very latest more reaction today. Local news. We have continuing coverage Half and weather Storm is on the KFBK. Afternoon news was Kitty O'Neil on Sacramento's.

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