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Your friends or at the top of the page but then open up this world of content so you don't just see content that you've had to add as a friend you can see a bunch of content that's personalized just for you but you don't have to make that person your friend and so i think for us that was really our way of thinking about how to scale the stories opportunity because you're inherently limited if you're only showing stories that someone's manually added but for us with the redesign we have an infinite scroll now of really really great content that's personalized for you and so i think there may be some misperception about that opportunity for our business and really that was one of the big reasons why we wanted to do the redesigned to create that opportunity for our business and also stay true to our mission of empowering people to express themselves so we try to do both the same time i can't speak to future products or opportunities but you've dabbled in ecommerce already and hardware i mean of say those two things what excites you the most about those two things are those things we could expect more of hardwares hardware is a really important pillar of our strategy so if you look at the three things that we're investing a lot and we have lunch studio which allows you to create all these great augmented reality experiences we have this core snapchat application that you know a lot of people use all day long and where we can integrate really really quickly on those augmented reality experiences and then we have spectacles that while still in its infancy i think has a lot of potential to overlay computing on the world around you and so i think if you look at snapchat and again very early to just open snapchat into the camera into your experience but to imagine that with evelyn of computing we've gone from mainframes right to people now looking at really small computers in their hands i think if we look at the f lucien of computing over the next several decades computing is going to be overlaid on the world around you and.

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