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So? Okay. You don't have to live with what I'm living with right now. Funny if it's may Okay, So there's this guy is from arrests Boat that is claiming his name is Sean. For so Florio. One of the great subplots India show history after eight years here on the network. Yes, somebody from arises. Hometown being named Sean for cash spelling Shawn a different way and Mariah's insisting, and this guy posted on Sports radio message boards 10 years ago and whereas insisting this guy was out to get him out to try to co opt and piggyback on Mariah's is celebrity In which we quickly me, Bo Gish, Palladian cap. We're able to dismiss all five of the conspiracy theories that morass it held dearly over the last decade, which he claimed it ripped apart. West Babylon, New York. Turns out that's really his name. He just really the sports talk radio. He's apparently really in a politics and once did a sports broadcasting camp with one of our hosts. Here on CBS Sports Radio guy is real. Just so happened that he shared a name with John and more as also is like there's like 50 people in my hometown where the odds we looked it up. There's like 35,000 people e mean literally D every single attempt at proof off this conspiracy theory. We took down in seconds yet it lives. In more as world in West Babylon for almost a decade and really show the more here this like you should be insulted. I like you should be mad at the people who think that this is something you would have done that you would have changed the first tune eight letters of your last name and then got out there and said Stupid things done controversial things. They thought that was something that you would do. You should be insulted by the fact that some of your friends thought that of you, that's true. I guess some would argue that comes with my own territory. I don't know. Regardless. It was a bad scene that I'm still facing questions to this day. And my guess is I'm gonna feed questions about some of my adult life. So no matter what we've debunked, people are still when they see this name in print can ask Who is this? And why am I doing this? Cap has created a graphic for number three of a war e o character with Marie as is face, and it's just It's like a fat, pudgy, worried over red nose. And a mustache more as you had a come to Jesus moment about the 12 days last night. What was it? Yeah, I woke up at 2 30 in the morning and let me just say guys that I have obviously saved all the 12 th pre pandemic that it was up to Pete the body to do that. And I will tell you that. I think the entire list might have a huge asterisk this year because off of what Kaplan sent us and what we diagnose than what we voted on. There has been a file deleted and I don't know who did it or why they did it. What are blow our This is our Wow. Moment for the 12 days are very 1st 12 D, a candidate of the year is missing. And we never voted on it. Belle Biscuit devote Wow. What is that? Not a wow. Moment. Bell Biscuit. Devoe was the 2020 12 days. L Dish Biscuit. Devo happened Thanksgiving weekend when we had already conducted our votes, and we had a big controversy over Cory squeezing and we said no, no, no. It'll be the first candidate for next year. I saved it in that folder that everything should be said that the captain sent us Then we left in March. It was still in there somewhere since the time we left in pandemic From the time Kaplan sent us the entire folder, somebody along the way I remember we had the people the leading pork store elements at one point. We have lost the file of us eating the Taco Bell biscuit and all getting poison, which at the time I felt like it could have been a top 5 12 D A. And that is now lost and was never part of our vote this year for the 12 days and I woke up at 2 30 in the morning with a wait a minute. Where is it? I went back, and it's not there. Well, this certainly is a revelation here. I think that perhaps Our first order of business on January 1 2021..

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