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Seventy seven six fifty eight fifty eight I want to get into some of these particular stories, I'm using for examples on this whole issue of political correctness like Arnold Schwarzenegger Schwarzenegger apologizing for using the phrase girlie, man girlie man, we'll do that. Right. After the news update. I'm jay. Here is Liz curtain. Thank you Ray. A federal official who controls medical care in California. Prisons wants a quarter billion dollars every year to deal with an increase of fatal drug overdoses among inmates. The plan by Clark Kelso caused by the state to provide drugs to thirteen thousand inmates to reduce their cravings while weaning them off opioids thirty nine California inmates died from overdoses last year a little girl who fled from hurricane Michael with her family was molested in a Florida shelter. The Okaloosa county sheriff's office say a homeless man is accused of touching a six year old and a lewd and lascivious manner while she was at a middle school being used as emergency shelter in the panhandle. The mayor of Mexico Beach, Florida L, Kathy says many in coastal Florida are destroyed beyond recognition. I'm never seen anything like this. I've watched on television thinking of what others have experienced like in the Carolinas and taxes, and but I've I've never. It's different when you walk out. And you see this your emotions your our runway. This is just a small unique coastal community homes businesses and agriculture torn or swamped inland from Georgia to Virginia hundreds of thousands are left without electricity. The death toll now thirteen in the US is expected to rise. Over Wall Street. The Dow rising up two hundred thirty eight points currently at twenty five thousand to ninety one..

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