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And at George Washington University. in Nielsen in said the homeland in security department is working false information to strengthen out the government's there about critical good infrastructure Democrats in the also rate at which took his the threats President and Trump. risks are merging To is outpacing. the Our election ability sort to identify of so seats assess of an chaos, address the now department secretary of Justice Nielsen said that the also initial said David, combating but cyber they threats also will hacker rely records partnerships, emails, then distri according and cyber to the researchers. indict according to a The second Trump administration indictment, plans to set Hillary aside Clinton's more emails than seventeen in democrat billion dollars members of the for Democratic cybersecurity National Committee emails in the twenty in twenty release budget them. So in we Washington. we Rachel have established Sutherland, with one Fox News sweet sheriff's definitely established deputy shot and wounded the elections, at a traffic. but that was Stop already early established. Friday in El Paso One of the county things I thought was has particularly died from. interesting that has got a lot of attention in detrani general summary of findings. That there were and I quote, multiple offers from Russian affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign, but it appears back. Those those offers while rebuffed waiting to rob trick general parts finding so that it's interesting to politically speaking here as well. For Democrats who I'm guessing playing junior pundit here that they'll need to save face to a certain extent is that where we might see the moving of goalposts, I think absolutely. I think the Democrats have a have an outcome. They want and I think they need to shop for the narrative to fit that outcome. They tried it with the ball and report that appears to not have gone anywhere rely. We're starting to see a people that the southern district Bjork is investigating the Trump inauguration for Betty, they're doing some investigations into the Trump organization or starting to see Democrats hype those investigations or starting to seek Democrats obviously housing subpoena power watching their own investigations. This isn't over by a long shot for the president. They are going to continue to look into look into him and his business. Jeff, Jeff more doc Justice department reporter at the Washington Times, by the way, a Wall Street Journal editorial today says the. Russia conclusion ought to be good news to all Americans. And it says the end of the collusion illusion should also caused the media to do some soul-searching about Russia's to judgment, fourteen minutes. Now after the hour on This.

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