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I had a lot of fun listening to best open radio. David Greco was hurting the chicken zone on Monday because he had Bubba Bubba Ray bully Ray. And Mark Henry on the show, but never together this. I've heard and then one of their guests, Jim Jim cornet. So it was and the Senator from Kentucky hell court. I thought it was very entertaining. Very informative Harley anybody, I don't know anybody knows more about the history of wrestling through the, you know, the the nineties and two thousands a lot of a lot of real old timers are great at you know, the thirties and forties. But then they drop off they lost their interest. When Fresno tation started changing, so cornet is just a great historian one of the best I've ever been around. And it's a it's a talk to. So he's got he's got if you're ever lucky enough to be invited. To home office. It's really special say, the least, but so's corny damn Kenny that fast. I was Jerry Lawler Cecchi Fargo. See I think that's me doing that might be me doing Bruce fresher doing corn it that's that's kind of how it's been framed. But I wholeheartedly refused to accept that. Or admit to it. The Crockett Cup. I don't talk about the Crockett Cup. And that's where I heard corner talking on this week. If you're listening bust open folks your wrestling fan, you're missing out, man. Get the app, you know, where you are there. Come on. Channel ninety three. Siriusxm. I don't listen hardly anything else. So you're six but busted open. But I do listen to.

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