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To promote him three weeks later to sergeant when he knew of the verdict with no further increase how the jury would have had to have found things so differently if chief Beckett bothered to look at the underlying internal investigation he would have real tell flood it was back and a spokesman for the city attorney declined to comment Claudia pesquisar KNX ten seventy newsradio trial set to start next week back will be the first witness the F. B. I. investigating alleged deputy gangs within the LA county sheriff's department fight promises by the sheriff to clean up the so called Bandidos progress has happened so slowly that federal intervention has become necessary that's according to attorney Vincent Miller who represents other deputies who claim they've been abused by the gang members of the situation you've got people in the community whose lives are in danger you've got victims after these including my clients whose lives are in danger and accounting you street the flight on the margin CM so far they haven't even been acting like it's urgent he says the tattoo gangs are pressuring young recruits to make as many arrests as possible and are harassing and beating those that fall out of line are pressuring the young recruits when they first come to the station many of the fine detail gang shock collars have been historically training officers at the station so they've been pressuring me out officers to engage in a lot of different contact including coming out money for the bond the sheriff has not commented on the F. B. I. investigation Brian paying K. annex ten seventy newsradio the LA city attorney has filed dozens of charges against the owners and operators of three Hollywood nightclub the misdemeanors are tied to alleged public safety and licensing violations they were filed against project Los Angeles list scorpion and rusty mullet which recently closed city attorney Mike fewer our goal is not to be punitive for the sake of being here our goal is to improve safety and quality of life the charges against rusty Malik include security guard inadequacies and operating illegally in twenty seventeen a person was stabbed to death after a fight broke out among a group of people loitering outside the business we're pursuing these charges the owners and operators need to be held accountable they could always real than at any time scorpion is facing twenty counts including several for operating without valid permits project Los Angeles is facing eighteen counts for allegedly admitting minors security guard issues and improper lighting Margaret Carrero Kay and extend seventy newsradio it's four Levitt and in Burbank on the five north between Burbank Boulevard in Buena Vista a clash of crashes clearing we'll take a closer look at that in other traffic problems coming up in about three minutes with loosed our get told maybe now because this week only there's a new red hot deal every single day plus up to fifty percent off storewide that's up to fifty percent off your favorite old maybe styles also get ten.

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