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Dorian not expected to weaken as it heads up the coast there still for predicting a category two one hundred mile per hour winds Thursday night into Friday morning as a skirts from eastern North Carolina and I'll say the track could take a west of Hatteras a little closer into the inland areas here and then moving off to the northeast from their Friday during the day NBC twelve dot com's Jim Duncan the navy today has sent Virginia ships and aircraft out of harm's way naval ships that aren't undergoing maintenance are heading far enough out to sea in anticipation of the rough waters that the storm will bring naval aircraft are being moved to hangers or are being flown to a safe in the on air field until the coast is clear about thirty soldiers will be stationed in Hampton Roads or the eastern shore helping with duties like high water transportation and debris removal if the storm packs more of a punch more personnel and more equipment could make their way there as part of the response effort Jeff stable to newsradio W. R. V. navy public affairs spokesperson Beth Baker says thirty ships have gotten under way so far today it's safer to take it ships under way and to remain at sea until storm passes tied up at peers can be very dangerous not just for the ships to damage them but certainly the peers are tied to and really more importantly the personal at all our our border would remain on board the who says navy installations are also shoring up their buildings with sandbags in B. C. twelve dot com's Andrew Friedman on what the metro can look for other western side although we think we get a decent you know and she answered two of rain but the Weston and write the county will probably get way less than the will of the east side of town and you know Charlotte fills going to get you know half an inch of that and this is the biggest threat will be the possibility of prolonged wind gusts of forty miles an hour or more which could lead to downed trees and power lines president trump weighing in on hurricane Dorian and what the federal government is doing in states and in the Bahamas ABC's Karen Travers is at the White House president. comes as the U. S. government is helping with humanitarian assistance in the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian devastated parts of the islands he said the government there I asked for American help we have the numbers helicopters and we're sending some some people to give them a hand and they need a big hand what's going on over there is incredible few people have seen anything like that Karen Travers ABC news the White House to overnight fires friend right go cruise including one with injuries captain rob Rowley says the first one started just after nine on with lock Avenue off laburnum when someone left a cooking container unattended on a stone firefighters got there quickly and were able to extinguish that fire the folks that were displaced by that fire have already made their own arrangements. for temporary housing really since the second fire started just before to this morning in a town home in the forty six hundred block of twin hickory lake drive in that instance a couple in their seventies didn't have a working smoke detector and were awakened when they started coughing from the smoke they couldn't get out the front door had to go out a window.

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