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All 'cause I was in London before congestion pricing, and I've been to London after congestion pricing. And I'm sure it's just a casual observation moving around down. But nothing changed other than everybody's getting billed to drive. And that's what this is. Can you imagine putting congestion pricing on the roads in Dallas Fort Worth on top of the toll roads? Because if you don't think it's bad take a look at Google images your traffic at eight o'clock in the morning for Dallas Fort Worth. And it looks like LA. Just because they would charge you because traffic isn't moving a congestion price. Traffic is not going to start moving. Everybody else is just like you. They're trying to get to work or they're trying to go home. The story goes on says he's charges have been a success in places like Singapore, London Milan. And Stockholm and the answer Gan is actually no they haven't. Andrew Cuomo Bill de Blasio up in New York. They're thinking about doing this. They estimate the plan would raise fifteen billion dollars by twenty twenty four and they're going to put this money. Get this in a lock box dedicated to improving public transportation as anybody ever seen a movie or pitcher of New York streets on Manhattan during the day. Do you think any of that's going away? You think the skyscrapers going to empty, of course, not? It's just another tax only in this case in New York's case, they're not going to do it to improve the roads. Because you can't you can't widen. The roads in Manhattan, you're gonna run into a skyscraper is going to go to public transportation is not going to get rid of all the cars. They talked about the Los Angeles. Metro officials searching for a way to pay for twenty eight ambitious transportation projects by the time it hosts the Olympics in twenty Twenty-eight charging drivers per mile traveled or turning all the carpool lanes into toll lanes. You know, you're always tell you these stories and everybody goes that'll never happen..

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