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More doing he was only digital news network the Ernest Hemingway look alike contest in Key West his name to retire at sixty eight year old Tennessee banker as the winner it took eight tries for Joe Max the to earn the title he finally got it Saturday night at sloppy Joe's bar hang out of Hemming way's during his Key West residents in the nineteen thirties the contest is a highlight of the annual Hemingway day's festival that honors the authors literary legacy and adventurous lifestyle a judging panel of former winners chose maxi from one hundred forty two white bearded contenders who competed in two preliminary rounds maxi said he loves Hemming way's writing and shares the authors fondness for mo he does and women he's back with jeopardy after his cancer treatment Alex Trebek cleats days birthday around up with doctor saying the pancreatic cancer he vowed to fight is in near remission I'm Canadian I played hockey action man tough I'm a tough guy trip back on the CBC he's seventy nine Selena Gomez says she'll have a new album out soon at long last it took me four years now to even feel at a good place with this album and it's just because I had such huge moments that happened in my life personally that how was I going to capture that and how is I can actually feel good about what I was saying Gomez on The Tonight Show she's twenty seven and comedian David spade's getting his own Comedy Central show which premieres of the end of the month he hasn't revealed much was says it will be a variety show along with other comics talk county central do show there's no politics my vision my sort of sense of humor I'll put it together and we said we'll figure out as we go at that all right already right there people tune in or they won't fade on Joe blow dot com he's fifty five today and that's our birth they round up for July twenty second I'm Bob Kessler American crocodiles are thriving add an unusual spot the canals surrounding a South Florida nuclear plants last week seventy three crocodile hatchlings were rescued by a team of specialists that Florida power and light Turkey point nuclear plants and dozens more are expected to emerge soon the canals are one of three major U. S. habitats for crocodiles we're twenty five percent of the two thousand American crocodiles live the F. P. L. team has been credited for moving the classification of crocodiles on the Endangered Species Act to threatened from endangered in two thousand seven hi I'm Rita Foley within a.

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