Mr Colmey, FBI, Director discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 06-14-2017-070910


Mr colmey for mismanagement of the fbi it well we learn from yesterday was trump and sessions both went to the same school forbade leadership and poor judgement i mean how can you praise the fbi director consistently in the leadup to the election and then immediately turnaround and fire him without talking to him whatsoever they never went to call me and said you're doing a badge of the instead did the reverse we now know that trump had called colmey on several occasions went when it came time to fire me sent a letter through careers the fbi headquarters when he can get ahold of the fbi director at any time he wants and so that that's inconsistent the other thing we found out was yes colmey did go to sessions and say this should not happen and what did attorney general sessions do he did nothing and when you look at the nation's chief prosecutor sessions and you you watch him not answer questions and then you ask if in a court of law he was going after criminals and they would not answer questions what would he do as the chief prosecutor he would go crazy in in joe you being a lawyer and listening to that yesterday you probably as lie was stunned that despite my intricate study of thomas jefferson and john adams i never realised there was an inappropriateness clause apparently in the constitution because jeff sessions all day yesterday kept saying it would be inappropriate or not appropriate for me to answer that question how does he get away.

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