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Researcher says EPA power plant rule does little to address global warming


I'm doctor. Anthony lies words and this is climate connections last year the EPA repealed the clean power plan an Obama era policy aimed at reducing carbon pollution from power plants. The agency replaced it with the affordable. Clean Energy or ace rule. The new rule does not place limits on power plant pollution. Instead direct states to prioritize energy efficiency improvements that power plants. The ideas that more efficient plants will burn less an unfortunate kind of unintended consequence of that approach. Is that those power plants then become more cost effective to operate and tend to run more. Kathy Allen. Lambert is with the Harvard Center for Health. Climate and global environment her team analyzed. Epa Data about the expected impact of the ace rule because some plants will likely run more an old power plants may be kept online longer. Over a fifth of Power. Plants were estimated to have an increase in co two emissions overall. The new rule is projected to drive down emissions. Less than one percent beyond. What would likely happen without any policy at all? The bottom line when it comes to the ace rule is that it does virtually nothing to confront climate

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