Chinese hackers try to steal COVID-19 vaccine research


Well the president talking about the Chinese the trump administration plans to issue a warning that cyber actors linked to the Chinese government are trying to get U. S. research on coronavirus treatments and vaccines and this first broke the story in The New York Times I remember reading little bits and pieces about it so it's being issued by the FBI department of homeland security both agencies monitoring the of course all of the foreign government hackers during the pandemic and they're warning universities and resorts research facilities and healthcare institutions but of course the you've got Rece now more than ever cyber security should be number one on everybody's list not that we didn't know this and certainly in the show we have delved into it and talk to owners of different people about things that you can do but and always try to stay on top of that it's you're never fast enough we just had somebody called snow on from IBM and what they were doing to prevent hacking to look at what hackers were doing what lengths they would go to and now here you have this and it's not a surprise that we would see this but how do you shut it down to the FBI Deputy Assistant director for the cyber division said just last month that they've seen intrusions in the institutions I mentioned so universities the research spots and the health care Silesian institutions and there are people that have publicly identified themselves as working on code red related research and sometimes get them find their way in there so there are lots of warnings being issued in private cybersecurity firms and U. S. government agencies of course are also noticing that Russia China Iran North Korea they're escalating cyber activity and disinformation related to the corona virus and you know the that what they're calling nontraditional collectors to as well researchers who they analyst to steal scientific data and whatever the proper proprietary technologies are and they're trying to really crack down on this obviously as much as they can if we go back and look at what's happened in the past China's theft of US intellectual property is over four hundred billion dollars annually that's not the total that's annually what we're talking about and this is again nothing new but it's something that is so significant in the middle of this pandemic and one more thing to be concerned about with the hacking of the of the vaccine data and it again and again and again and again we're seeing this come up and especially now with very very tricky like I mentioned during the the pandemic couldn't couldn't be a worse time for

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