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My feeling like dog crap hurting and everything was so surreal and if you look i almost take a step back because i thought i was gonna faint and then i got the text from everybody that lady gaga text about me i wanted to ask you boom boom boom boom lady gaga was so moved by you singing the anthem that she tweeted something yes that was very very kind i mean how big wish for her to do that is is incredible because nobody man i'm nobody somebody in chicago nobody i am nobody just two guys from the south side i'm just a screw up from the south side of chicago parents were born in italy and medicare and you know i i was blessed that i got lucky that's it and the cubs win the series and they say john vincent of course he's going to get a ring and you're wearing it right now can go on my leg on me i mean this thing is huge i don't know it's just a connection i think joe is one of the like it's unbelievable how zan here's i don't know if you watch the game today and there was a terrible call on schwarzer an issue she that pitch is like i was at my son's basketball but i heard about it.

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