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Mid town thirty one degrees in rye thirty degrees in suffered thirty six in Ridgewood queens seven twenty at WCBS in New Jersey woman who hit a pedestrian while texting was convicted of vehicular homicide fifty year old Alexandria man Manson is facing a possible ten year prison term the Monmouth County prosecutor's office said she was texting her former sister in law about dinner plans in the city at the time prosecutors called a tragedy in every respect and hope it serves as a reminder to the public not to text and drive the pedestrian killed you when wedding was ten days shy of her fortieth birthday because you got yet another warning letter this is third in three months over fund raising violations during his presidential run rich land with more the federal elections commission told mayor to blood zero the rules prohibited him from doing what he done transferring funds from a state political action committees to a federal pac as is twenty twenty presidential nominating effort was running out of cash that applies yo campaign borrowed money from the state tax to pay for headquarters rent advertising and travel on his W. NYC broadcast the mayor brushed off the report there's been three letters I believe it may save all said the same thing and we long since took the steps in the folks who run that committee to repay the money in question and to address the issue with the FCC designer was blunt turn on story rich lamb WCBS newsradio eight eight at seven twenty two it's the healthy and happy pet report with doctor Elizabeth calling this Thursday's thanksgiving and many homes with pets will be having gas your pet will make the rounds sitting next to each guest simply gets a piece of something from each dinner plate the problem with everyone sharing a small piece of whatever is being served with the dog or cat is that small pieces that up even healthy food like a small piece of Turkey meat can become dangerous when multiplied by the number of guests you at the night of the day after thanksgiving marks the height of illnesses scene because by overfeeding the family pack animal hospitals in emergency clinics in many cases of stomach upset bloat bombing diarrhea and pancreatic problems if your pet each too much fat like Turkey skin the pancreas can become inflamed causing a painful disease called pancreatitis this illness can be fatal impacts instructor gas to give your pet a lot.

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