Paul Ryan, Congressman Scalise, Donald Trump discussed on Midday on WNYC


And he is committed to conservative ideology i think in a way that even maybe paul ryan might not be especially in areas such as immigration and i think that was key for him of showing members for his run for majority whip that he wasn't fat conservative and he dropped that just because out of seat at the leadership table what's interesting in your description of how he became the chair of the republican senate committee is that he was elected i think a lot of people tend to think that these committee positions are are appointed by the by the leader of the of the party on the hill by the speaker or by the majority leader and at least within the republican caucus folks like congressman scalise they have to run and get their colleagues to vote for them to get into these very influential positions if you were running for any other office across the country i talked to many house republican members for this story who their first memories it's deep with when they were elected as freshmen hadn't even gotten to dc and their first call for basically someone had never heard of saying hi i'm running for republican state i think this is something you'd probably like to be a part of you consider voting for me so yeah it's aggressive it's intense at one point i'd like to make is that even with donald trump and kind of the wave of outsiders center that congress is still a place where people really do value than you already next in line and you know that can really be a factor and you're running for the top of the committee who is it that leadership wants them how do i convince people to for bucks those transition nordea and elect inside.

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