Halifax Hospital, President Trump, Nascar discussed on Sean Hannity


You get free X. will blade casters quick break right back we'll continue now see such security triple team traffic I four eastbound heavy from universal the Kirkman OP T. dive in into downtown that part of league and Maitland for thirty six four thirty four and forty six to the bridge westbound delays Fairbanks down to the four await a good does close to thirty minutes there was a crash on the far away these Bennett I for that has cleared you're also look at it delays John Young to the turnpike from the beach line passenger for parkway third Disney and then one ninety to pass the four twenty nine also have a wreck unlike merry Boulevard eastbound before long wood lake very road now even lower prices on your favorite dell H. P. and Lenovo windows ten computer systems starting at just ninety nine ninety nine only it refresh computers visit the refresh computer superstore in long would with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're helping you get to work on time I'm Jacki o'brien is ninety six point five W. D. B. O. now the three things you need to three reports this afternoon say NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is now awake in speaking with medical staff at the tone as Halifax hospital after last night's horrific crash at the five hundred an investigation is underway after an officer involved shooting their Conroy road and Kirk made today the suspect shot by police died at the hospital one president trump issued a series of surprise high profile pardons and commutations today including that of.

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