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Matt horne faces by a crocodile and saw north that was one of the most incredible pieces of footage i think i'm saying i genuinely what should have been high before we go to sleep it's the most is to him think of a man deeply uncomfortable with his own homophobia telling immediately to crocodile however all heterosexual marriages in australia now been instantly annulled as a result of this legislation because mitchell become come possibly stan can well unfortunately they do stand agha as the christian conservative couple who threatened to dissolve their match in the eyes of the law and found out that apparently that is not allowed is loveless marriage still legal or is that now that we're going to be next on the statute books on i think i think loveless marriage is almost compulsory one i think he are there i think you know what you want is a one of those long distance relationships where you live together if grown apart big killing news adams the value of bitcoin which i still don't understand and never will sincerely hope adult that way the pretend currency has blasted through the fifteen thousand dollar mark it's it's part of a wreck hold breaking digital currency a surge now and if your all cryptocurrency correspondent hit on a beautiful basically correct me if i'm wrong but people used to be dumped in palms and all barbecued for this kind of schick mind is the blockchain's definitely witchcraft and has been likened dante's inferno by the chairman of the royal bank of scotland as their howard davies who suggested it should be seen as an apocalyptic decay of our idea of currency right so basically we've got two songs of the apocalypse in one podcast loss tinsley area.

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