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This is jalen yang national editor at the new york times. More than seventeen hundred journalists work the times. They come from all over from iraq to iowa. They speak arabic spanish korean. But there's one thing they all have in common. They have dedicated their lives to helping us understand the world everything. The new york times publishes starts and ends but their commitments times subscribers keeper journalists focused on their stories. If you're not a subscriber yet you can become one at ny times dot com slash. Subscribe outside with the last word with lawrence o. donald lawrence it'd be ritual and new york's governor huckle. There's gonna join us tonight and i. I know kathy focal. But i don't know her as well as i might. If we didn't spend more time on senator moynihan's staff she was on senator moynihan's senate staff in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. When i was on the senators reelection campaign staff senate staff had nothing to do with me or or the campaign and they were all operating at a level far above my head of but kathy o'connell left of the moynahan staff that year and you're going to hear in a moment the magic words that senator moynihan's said to her that helped ease her out of the senate staff and it's it's quite a story and if it maybe if he hadn't said that i would know kathy hogan much better than i do i would we would have ended up working together of but such such is life a tv show. That i'm weeks cited to watch. This is a plot. I'm excited to get to the end up. Pat warn him has the best part in this tonight excellent. I can't wait thank you. Thanks nineteen eighty-eight. A young lawyer told new york senior. Senator daniel patrick moynihan but she was feeling a bit conflicted about the long hours. She was putting in as a member of his staff after giving birth to her. First child senator moynihan her in thirty years. You won't remember the days you spent here in the office but you will remember the days you spent with your children. She quit moved back to buffalo tonight thirty three years later. She is the governor of new york and my first guest so good morning and had very good luck with staffers from buffalo beginning with the now legendary. Tim rosser then. Kathy hotel and then jim kane who ran the buffalo office when i joined senator moynihan's staff just as kathy hotel was leaving early in his service on senator moynihan's staff. Tim restaurant felt a bit intellectually intimidated by the harvard. Whiz kids that senator moynihan brought with him to washington after serving as a harvard professor pat moynihan who grew up in hell's kitchen and shine shoes and times square while attending new york city. Public schools took tim'rous aside and said this about the harvard delegation on his staff. Tim what they know. You can learn what you know. They can never learn. Had one hand also knew that was true of kathy hotel in her first address as governor. She mentioned her grandparents as teenagers. Fleeing great poverty in ireland in search of a better life. But she did not mention that when she was born. Her family was living in a trailer near the bethlehem steel plant outside of buffalo. Her father jack. Courtney was working at the plant at night and was attending college during the day. Her mother pat courtney stayed home raising six children. Kathleen courtney was the second oldest shop. She got her. First whiff of politics as a student at syracuse university. She successfully pushed the university to divest investments in south africa to protest apartheid of move a movement that was then joined on college campuses all over the country after law school. She married bill hogan a former federal prosecutor who is now a corporate lawyer. Kathy hotel served in the house. Representatives during the obama administration and she was in her third term as lieutenant governor when governor andrew cuomo resigned last month andrew cuomo and his political operatives tried to drop kathy yokel from the ticket in the last election but she mounted a campaign for lieutenant governor that was in effect. Independent from the governor's campaign and she won. Governor hogan is. New york's first woman governor and she is the first new york governor in over one hundred years. From new york's second largest city buffalo. Kathy hotel is as of tonight. The only declared candidate for governor of new york in next year's election in her first speech as governor kathy khokhlov revealed that she had been consulting with dr. Anthony vouch even before andrew cuomo left office and the protecting new yorkers from cova nineteen would be her top priority today president. Joe biden issued a statement congratulating. California's governor gavin newsom on crushing. The republican recall attempt last night saying quote this vote is a resounding win for the approach that he and i share to beating the pandemic strong vaccine requirements strong steps to reopen school safely and strong plans to distribute real medicines not fake treatments to help those who get sick. The fact that voters both traditionally democratic and traditional republican parts of the state rejected. The recall shows that americans are unifying behind taking these steps to get the pandemic behind us. New york is the second largest state with a democratic governor and governor. Ho cole has also been taken. The kind of strong steps. That joe biden praised today and one of our first acts. As governor kathy ho mandated that masks be worn in schools of policy that has allowed the children of new york to return to school in person and today governor hotel announced that she is implementing a mask mandate for state regulated child and daycare centers as well as mental health and substance abuse facilities. Hogan has also made it a priority to protect new yorkers from the threat of a victim by speeding up nearly four hundred million dollars in rental assistance payments.

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