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Our news Partly cloudy skies today with a higher 73 Tonight Clear the low 45 right now in Phoenix. Partly cloudy skies 62 degrees. Weather is brought to you. By Howard Air. I'm Jeff Mon on Arizona's news Station. K T A R NEWS, Mike BROOM head SHOW ON K T A R News, 92 3 FM and the K T A R news app. Thanks for being here Appreciate you being with us such a little bit of time left in the show Next couple of segments Martin Luther King Day with a lot of different thoughts going through my mind where we are and how ironic it is that we are where we are with Wednesday in Washington, D C. And today is the day we celebrate the guy that was known for peaceful protest but making huge changes in the world. There's just something remarkable about the memory of Dr King. What can we learn from him? And from that movement, Um Along with that. The continued fighting we have over covert 19. There is and I don't know if maybe I'm just too close to the battle, But I have to believe there's going to be a backlash. At some point, um We have all been kind of pulling in the same direction. Sometimes we didn't want to, But we did that. We've all kind of pulled in the same direction. Everybody wants to get back to work. Everybody wants to get things done. There has been one group of people that has stubbornly acted as if they were the only ones that were unique and that they were the ones that needed to be protected more than anyone else. There have been a great analogy a long time ago. And someone said, you know that the right holds police officers in the same regard that the left old school teachers, we use the word we use the word hero. And I thought, you know what? That's a great analogy because it's true. But I will tell you that I see teachers as frontline workers and heroes as well. I always have. What I don't like, is the way that the teachers organizations, the unions have behaved the eh And they know why they've heard me talk about them for years. The funny thing is is that there are a couple of people that have had discussions with me on the air, which I respect, always have respectful disagreements with people. But the leadership of this organization has been so outrageous and the way they've behaved that they know better than that. Come on the show with me because they know that they can't win the argument because they can't answer the questions. About what they did in 2018 and trying to destroy the budget. They gave the teachers the raises, and then when they couldn't destroy the budget, they went out and brag to the teachers that it was them that got it done that kind of stuff they used. Good teachers who simply wanted to raise and they use them for their own political purposes. And when the teachers found that out, they walked away. Many of them have But what what's happening now is even worse. There are a lot of teachers out there that want to be in the classroom. There are a lot of teachers that are looking at the data that are saying kids are dying on the vine educationally that their education is falling so far behind. And that emotionally. And intellectually. It is it is damaging kids. Depression is way way up alcohol and drug use and recidivism. People that are falling back in and relapsing on addictions are way up both young and old. Um and we've got suicide thoughts, suicidal thoughts and attempts are way up. And all of this is true. And these pediatric organizations have all said that the safest and best place for kids in spite of covert 19 is in a classroom. So instead of all of these organizations trying to find the safest way to get kids in the classroom, even though there are teachers that want to be there, the teachers unions are using this as a political ploy to flex their muscle. And make their demands. And so what's happened is that we now have a battle where they're shutting down entire schools where there are teachers that want to be in the classroom for their own political gain. It's happened over and over again. It's called a sick out. I've got the video proof that they're doing it. You know, That's how that's how brazen and foolish they've become. I've got video of a girl that works in the office with the head of the A. A. She works with him. And she's bragging on the video that we can't call it a sick out, but that's what it is. That we in a backhanded way. That's what we're doing. They're proud of the fact that they're shutting the schools down where your Children go. That's my disagreement now with teachers not at all not with not with the profession off of teaching with the A and its union tactics. And the way that they have spit in the face of the parents that disagree with them. So in the Cave Creek School District this week Story is written about a teacher that's quitting one teacher. Now maybe there's more. But there is one teacher in this in this article that is quitting because, after 10 years in the district, she is being forced used her sick days if she wants to quarantine If she doesn't feel safe if she's been exposed to covert 19, and she wants the quarantine, she has to use her sick days. How many people out there and there may be some, but I guarantee you It's not the majority. How many people out there If you had to quarantine covert 19, or otherwise would have to use your sick days. The answer is all of us, I think or almost all of us number one. So what makes you special number one? But number two The reason why this is happening. Blame the union that you're a part of blame the Education Association that you're a part of because they have been using these sick days as weapons. So you weaponize your sick days where the school district's have no idea when you're gonna organize a sick out and just all of a sudden member. All it takes is 20% of teachers to not show up and it shuts the schools down and the teachers have they can't teach. It shuts down online learning it shuts it all down. So they have been weaponizing. They're sick days by organizing sick outs, and then they faint indignation and they're angry and they feel like they're not supported when They have to use their sick days when they quarantine It is. This is a political game. That they started. The teachers unions using sick days is weapons, which violates their contract. It's against the rules they could be fired for it. And what they've done is they have slapped the parents in the face that want their kids in school. At some point, there's got to be a backlash. I would think at some point parents on both sides of the issue. There have got to be some parents out there that don't think it's safe for their kids to be in school yet that understand that the parents that want their kids in school have a right to be there. And no one is asking teachers to teach that don't want to be in the classroom. The request has been if you want to be in the classroom, teacher and student, we're going to make that available to you. Well, there are school districts that are refusing open up until March Now. March. The effectively shut down for an entire school year. And wow, our the great great kids grades are suffering. And yet, this is the union fight that's going on. And I've said before I'll say it one more time today. I don't expect you to take my word for anything. Try to get on to an a A message board. Go on to Facebook. Look up Arizona Educators Association, or AU Arizona Educators united, look them up.

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