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Compliment. I tried to have a little bit more poise. Then I used to have maybe I'm a little more seasoned. Maybe a more mature. I don't know. I I know what we're doing here. I'm really proud of our players. They're giving us everything they have. That's all you can really ask for as a coach. So. I just hope we can finish on a great note. And I'm coughing if we play to the best of our abilities. We can do that the chiefs still have something to play for they would like to get the number one overall seed in the AFC they would need a win and some help to do them. Forty. Niners are taking on the Rams down in southern California. Forty Niners will be clearly banged up. They're going to be missing handle number of key players, including Dante Matt Brita Markey's Goodwin. And garett sell like going up against the Rams team that also trying to hold down the number two seed in the NFC word from college football the Miami hurricanes head coach Mark richt is announced his retirement the canes. This year went seven and six after getting blown out by Wisconsin in the pinstripe bowl kings in a Lakers. Meet again this time down at Staples Center after Sacramento one on that buzzer beater couple of nights ago. The Lakers are only two says LeBron James went out with a groin injury. Their coach Luke Walton was asked if the Lakers need to change anything up without LeBron. No, I know we can get to it. We can get to know. It's not easy. But I know believe in the guys that we have a thought I thought we played a game on the road against a good team that we should have one. We had a ten point lead late in the third. I know that's not winning. But it, you know, I believe that this that the group we have can get it done. We just gotta we gotta do a couple of things a little bit better. Warriors after winning last night in Portland Phoenix tomorrow night sports at fifteen and forty five and all news one zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS arranger.

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