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At multiple protests and rallies plans here in DC, and its Capitol buildings around the country, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the concern is the proximity between government officials and people with guns. Aaron Kit Risky ABC News New York, and there are more boots on the ground coming this time from Massachusetts Governor Baker activating 500 National Guard troops from the Commonwealth to head to the capital ahead of the inauguration. There are no known threats to the Commonwealth at this time. However, out of an abundance of caution, and in the wake of the violence, Governor Baker did sign an additional order activating another 500 members of the Massachusetts National Guard to support state and local law enforcement within the Commonwealth. It is 1 33 Way have traffic on the threes. The super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Kevin, where you started, Laurie's took up these delays south of town. If you're heading north bound root three north found you're locked up here just after that Union street off ramp in Braintree over a mile of traffic into the right lane workers on that ramp to 93 south here at the Braintree split. If you're hopping on the expressway here, you can expect your delays from Furnace Brook Parkway up through the Ponte it and then again getting by police activity to the right here at Morrissey Boulevard. South bound. Not too bad. You got a couple taps of the brakes coming down through Savin Hill. And once again that H O V Lane is open downtown sterile. Dr West found brake lights getting by these right lane War cruise after the Longfellow Bridge. Over in South Boston Seaport Boulevard is closed for water. Main work crews here between Pier four Boulevard and B Street. You're looking good, leaving the city on Route one from Chelsea all the way up in the Saugus route one South bound, though you've got your slowdowns into these work crews before Route 99 in Saugus..

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