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Barry, very rational and even to this day. He makes excuses things. Well, you know, I could have been tired. You know, I was on medication because I'd broken my uncle would've, right? Yeah. Yeah. He's he comes. I was the same way. I couldn't accept what happens, you know. I detail the most haunted house, which you don't have to buy because that's included in haunted, horrors, happened west. And I was the same try to rationalize it. Like like yourself, George like many of your listeners we like talking about the paranormal and we've all had different experiences. But ended the day it's not an acceptable topic to discuss if you if you you got you wouldn't go to a job interview. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You know, I'm a ghost and I've seen ghosts. Because you just know that people are going to judge you shame is we it's part of our culture is history. We should be able to talk about such things did this entity really push you to the point of almost committing suicide. Yes. That is correct. I I I I had a very awful experience where I drank two bucks in one night and took over medication. With the with the. With the idea of ending all because I was in the best and I had nowhere to go. I was broken. And I couldn't see tomorrow. I I was in you know, I was broken dark place weren't you? Yeah. And there's no people say, it's selfish. It's not there's no there's no this will show is five from there's nothing you stripped away from your ego. You go from your choice anger frustration. There's just a simple one not to exist anymore. Somebody finds you. What what happened it very strange? I did what I did with the expectation that was that. I woke up in the morning free of all the facts, I was living on my own and a small lives on the doors and windows a lot. I know do some notes or anything like that. I had no intention of making anyone feel sorry for me. I just didn't want to exist anymore. I kept next day. I had no hangover. I haven't been sick now on a broken. And there was no real effect. You should have been dead. I should been that. You know, very painful for my friends and family that that day. I realized there's something good in this world record as an Ambert is a flame. And I it might dependency to alcohol, and I and I worked on my depression. And I talk about it. And I still talk about it. And there's a message to all of us that everyone feels that feels low you feel that you're in your best. You can get out. You're not fat use. My story is an example, I've done being alive in the last six years is to support people with dependency to talk about depression. I've been diagnosed as having bipolar type two. Being able to talk about on the honest with people about that. If you are listening, please. Reach out to people have hope because you're not on your on your life. Does my you know, regardless if it's paranormal or if it's just life getting dime. You can't change it. And you kinda have such a good life. And I'm a testament to that we're gonna come back in a moment. Kevin stay with us. We're going to also take some phone calls with you next hour as well as we talk about haunted horror of Haverford west. I'd hate to live in that house, wouldn't you? Wow. So we'll come back in a moment. We'll talk more with Gavin Lee Davis and take your calls. Find out more about tonight's guest. Log on to coast to coast AM dot com. Coast to coast AM on this.

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