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And the drive as we raise awareness and money to feed Children and adults and our communities. If your Wgt ex surgeon Weather forecast another Nice day today, mostly sunny highs Lows seventies. Partly cloudy tonight overnight lows in the upper forties. Partly cloudy over the next couple of days, highest Friday and Saturday in the mid seventies. Now, 42 And Uptown Charlotte I'm Steve Counts News Talk 11 10 99. Www BT News Wednesday, SWAT returns for a two hour premiere events may have to shut the city down. What's that mean? For SWAT means world's about to change now for this team of elite SWAT officers tired fighting this battle? Nothing will be the same. Sometimes we get asked to take on problems and there's no one right answer. Shemar Moore stars in television's action packed drama SWAT returns Wednesday on CBS. Don't miss see Better Drive safer month at O'Reilly Autoparts with great deals on wiper blades, Headlight bulb's windshield washer fluid and more. Get a $15 gift card after mail in rebate with a purchase of select Sylvania evolves, plus our double rewards points. Get ready for the weather ahead during see Better drive Safer month at O'Reilly Autoparts. On all parts. Order. Continue. Ms Garner with the capital one venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on every purchase every day. Objection. My credit card doesn't earn double miles on every purchase. I object to your objection with the capital One venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on every purchase order and right now earn 100,000 bonus miles when you spend $20,000 in your first year. I don't know it. No further questions, Your Honor. We'll just one. What's in your wallet? Limited time. Offer terms. Apply C Capital one dot com for details. For all our sakes, we need to avoid crowds as much as possible. But what if you need to go to the post office or mail letters and packages? Whether you're a small business or have a new work from home? Set up stamps dot com can help print postage on demand and never pay full price with access to discounted rates. You can't even get the post office like five cents off every stamp and up to 62% ofthe U. S. P s and UPS shipping rates. Print official US stamps and labels right from your home or office computer for any letter. Any package.

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