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The industry is actually down twenty percent, bouncy looking okay, you gotta current racial one point one one point two debt equity only forty four forty three. So that's good. We turn equity the very good thirty eight point four I eleven point seven net profit margin three point two versus one point three and receive a turnover of forty five point nine versus twelve point eight and immature turnover four point five or seven point to that could be a better you wanna make sure they're not getting stuck with inventory out the door chase. What are you see over there? I got to say I love best buy actually on my own. We didn't buy it in the portfolio, but my personal portfolio. I did by best buy several years ago. Made good money off this company is great business. I I love you know, the Mongolia homes, they do a great job with that theatre systems the appliances. I love their shop in shops. I mean, it really helps drive traffic again. I think is a great company. They have a lot of great numbers here. And I am excited when I get into this. Didn't you a cell somewhere around this price? Now, I think actually sold around seventy was it a while say yes, oh, current prices sixty dollars and forty four cents. Again. I it hasn't moved much over the past couple of years. But. Fifty two week high. Here is eighty four dollars thirty seven cents. A I didn't sell at the peak here, but rarely do we do that. But it again sold at a higher price than it is currently and fidgety week lowest forty seven dollars and seventy cents, but I am excited by this. I mean, if I look forward to January two thousand estimated for Shannon gap faces five dollars forty six cents. Give me a target sell price of ninety dollars and nine cents. I think this business is very good. They have a lot of things are doing to compete against Amazon. They really focus on the experience with their geek squad. I think they have a again, a good business model that they can sustain competition against these online retailers, and again trades. It could by way shins not much debt on the balance sheet. I I like best buy richer. I think you've got a good one here. Hold onto it. Don't worry about being underwater right now. Okay. I, you know, I really liked colleague treats in store now. And it seems like the people who are knowledgeable in really trying to find the right television or product for you, not just the one they want to sell a particular time. Yeah. Yeah. I agree. Because I went in there. And I bought a some actually air from best buy guys how how is the experience? With know. I'm curious is gonna fall out of my ear. And now as you said, I think they're pretty knowledgeable there and a lot of times, I don't know Electric's out. Well, so it is kinda good to get that that experience where you talk to somebody about it. That's why I don't like buying stuff online. You don't know what you're getting? But they're online store is still pretty good. They they have like a match against Amazon, and they can't compete well online if you're into that. I don't personally like it. So you can go in store and talk to somebody, and you know, what the more profitable Amazon. Yes. So hang in there, Richard. Oh, we already. Thank you. Thank you Bye-bye. That's one that I've always liked bed bath and has this volatility. I say, oh, man. Best buy it seems to have this volatility were drops. And that comes back. It'd be one that I would I wouldn't probably by now. But I know we know we're gonna have some pullback here. Overall market. It could be an opportunity for this great company. I kinda like it. Now, I mean off the fifty to eighty four thirty seven that's a good good ties drop their I mean and traits. Good valuations. I I like best buy, you know, we're fully invested. We have like no cash. Trying to find things that looks pretty good. So that's one thing about being a long term investor. Sometimes there's great things out there. You just can't get we already have a retail shop too. So I don't want to get too involved in the space. So I I would look elsewhere. But as a retail, you don't wanna have you know, two or three retailers. That's what we only got one retailer. So we can handle another one if we find the right thing. So, hey, before we go to let's see who's next here. Peggy forgot I forgot that this Wednesday chases the workshop coming up, and we're talking about some important things about how to structure social security and other retirement income the pros and cons of multiple tax reduction strategies, and the understanding your options with Medicare and healthcare. And as always we talk about investment part for you as well to make way smarter investor. What's invested in what not to invest into where you had to do what you had to sign up. It is this.

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