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The last time you were told up i didn't think i have been told off recently i told a cafe recently i went to australia to visit my family my sister had got a chicken sandwich and she been eating it she has halfway through and she looked in it and chicken was role oh she can breast that was like cnn only outsiders roar on the inside prank so i rang a night she took a photo of a a ninety i told them off did you raise your voice no but i i deeds embellish the situation i said she died of it and i just said that she was sick she was a neil hamburger yeah not personally by saying his shows and they're very funny mail funny and people are so angry over here he enjoys on twitter just retweeting stories about people getting food poisoning atahualpa because what does he do life for people leader he does like he's looks like a nineteen sixty's nightclub chameleons boozy lousy loud comedian with an undone tuxedo kind of thing but then he's like really drunk like he's a mess but then he does incredibly offensive jokes there was one of our like i obviously i regret but there was something about john travolta's recently deceased son eating a bowl of michael jackson seamen in heaven it is really finally and he like built up to like told me that he was already winging the people were so angry but then half you're really enjoying it here this is the point and i think people being angry appointments well do you gravitate towards that sort of humor do you like it when people go as far as the possibly cannon and the you always happy to indulge that or do you ever think known owner and much either i do think like i entirely agree with like everything is game when it's comedy because like it's not funny it's stupid you're you're on the air i don't enjoy it very uncomfortable people like say make races jokes or anything like that so no.

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