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But before there was Jerry Brown the seasoned politician there was Edmund G. brown junior just a little kid growing up in Forest Hill a quiet upscale leafy part of San Francisco this morning to thirty eight so my first few years that we had World War two we had rationing and there were no cars for sale so you have the same car there was no houses being built and there was a certain simplicity we begin our conversations with Jerry Brown on a topic he didn't seem too interested in discussing his childhood which began eighty one years ago it was a time when kids were seen but rarely heard the relationship that I see between sons and fathers today he's so different so profoundly different my father did his running for office being dissed returnee his father Pat brown was a rising star in local democratic politics becoming San Francisco's district attorney in nineteen forty three when Jerry was just five years old I was when I was growing up till I was in the eighth grade the man for twenty general but he did his adult thing and I played with my friends in our neighborhood Forrest hill brown says I'm like today there was an impenetrable line between the two worlds of adults and kids you've heard these politicians yeah I have to talk through with my family I have no experience in that what about political talk at the dinner table nope I don't remember talking to me about it talk to my sisters you know should I run girls was a political science course in nineteen fifty Pat brown vaulted from being San Francisco district attorney to becoming Attorney General of California the greatest satisfaction that I think I've had a ball has been working on behalf of all the people of this state but back then young Jerry didn't share his dad's political ambitions well I don't think I was really engaged in politics and yet he was surrounded by it he met Adlai Stevenson a Democrat who is running for president against white Eisenhower I like touring speaker I watched his convention speech in nineteen fifty two with ours very excited it.

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