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The Future of Blogging as a Marketing Channel | Ep. #1380


Name is Jay Kazakhstan probably watching his last name. But if you want to stand out you think about people like battling go when they're writing their SEO post they branding skyscraper technique power pages. Right all these things and I think about the early days at least when I first started learning Marketing Neil would make these guides. You know thirty thousand dollars on this really well designed guide and that was really hot at the time and that's how he ranked for all these amazing keywords but it's because that piece stood out head and shoulders above the rest and it wasn't just another blog post. Yeah and another thing that you can do if you want understanding and people stop doing this infographics you can use info credit info. It stands out. People are still very visual but a lot less people have been creating infographics compared to six seven eight years ago and they still do really well. Tools are another one. Eric mentioned that right. I have uber suggest adding a tool to your blog. Or your site generates a ton of traffic and can also come well into leads while other strategies care cells. You've been big on carousels lately. I think repurposing in general. I think that's what we're basically saying. Now Yeah and essence. You're repurposing like the Care Saul concept you can check out Erica. My instagram profile. Both of us used care cells. We're just since repurposing information and making it the ability to Swipe. You can doing that in powerpoint presentations. You can have doing that in images you can do that with block content as well and it's all easy ways to generate more traffic in standout. Your the point is to like what we're basically saying. Look you can't put all your eggs in one basket especially in today's Day and age. I think ten years ago maybe you can say. I'm just focused on blogging. I'm just focused on this like the vast majority of us. I think we are going to have to think about how we could diversify given that the attention is so split right now and like who knows what's going to happen right but I just know like if you're starting in today's Day and age you just relied on. Blogging is going to be tough sledding. Especially if you don't have an mls especially if you don't have an audience so as soon as you start to get one channel going you gotta start to think about how you could diversify quickly as possible. Is Something Neil Nights? Talk about a lot but you know it's easier said than done but it's simple to do neil yet totally and if you put all your eggs in one basket you're not can do as well and if you just do simple things like hey. I'm going to go. And right on every single subject out there and Gob ball the keywords. It's not gonNa work that kind of stuff used to kind of stuff doesn't look on hell gun right. I think they're gone. Right has gone. And there's a lot of like health sites to that have just been crush over the years about dot com. The longer exists. They had end up turning it into multiple sites in redoing the tragic cutting most of their content but yet the old concept of just writing a ton of content doesn't work anymore. Yeah about Dot Com business upon all of those right anyway we can actually rant on that later but that is for today guys marketing school. The I o slash school. If you're interested in learning about the education program that Neil Ni- are putting together you will be on the weightless see you tomorrow. We appreciate you joining us for this session of Marketing School. Be Sure to rave review subscribe to the show and visit marketing school dot. I O for more resources based on today's topic as well as access to more episodes that will help you find Tree Marketing Success Tax Marketing School Dot. Io until next time class dismissed..

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