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Lawler loved it because jerry lawler is a huge horror movie monster movie fan so i'm sure that he was thrilled to be in that segment where the camera shot was on lawler and then right behind his head. You just saw that monster the fien coming from behind them. I think it's genius to give the fiend the mandible clause a finnish because he can do it too absolutely anybody like jerry lawler he probably would because because he's so ballsy but he probably shouldn't take his sister abigail on the stage and also giving in the mandible claw instead of the sister abigail separates the fiend from the old bray white character okay so i think that that's really good to <hes> i do however think and i don't think that it's because because they can't show a man in a scary mask on television <hes>. I think that just because it's good tv you know i think there is room for firefly. Funhouse bray wyatt to still be on raw. You know i think i have my own wyatt jim t shirt i all. I still want to see the bray. Why does the muscleman a dance and plays with puppets and does that whole thing and honestly. I think that you could have that bray wyatt being in the ring theoretically but even if it's just in pre tapes i still still think that there's room for mister rogers bray wyatt and then have the theme come out for the matches maybe but yeah i like his twitter gimmick where he's apologizing for everything i just think the whole thing is well thought out and cool but i really enjoyed that and it was actually a really creative way to get young vic joseph behind the microphone farrah so and they did it pretty seamlessly..

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